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February DVD & On Demand Releases a la The Film Fatales

The Film Fatales give you a quick rundown recent films we previously reviewed that are slated for February release on DVD and On Demand. Here's the scoop: 

Dallas Buyer's Club
Available now on DVD and On Demand


elizabeth: I am going to start with my strongest reaction to a movie in a long, long time. I hated this movie. And maybe not for the reasons you think. McConaughey should get an Oscar nomination. Jared Leto richly deserves an Oscar nod also, but I hated this movie.
Nicole: I suppose one can say telling Woodroof’s story without sentimentalizing him was a brave, if offensive, choice. My conflict is this: why him? There were so many other people to immortalize in film who did amazing work to fight the stigmatism of the AIDS diagnosis. I’m afraid people will bestow upon Woodroof hero status as a result of this film, when he’s no hero. 
The Film Fatales give DALLAS BUYERS CLUB
About Time
Now available on DVD and On Demand


Nicole. Occasionally, a movie comes along that revives you and reestablishes your faith in the art of storytelling. About Time is that movie. Richard Curtis, the creative mind that brought audiences Love, Actually and About a Boy (neither of which I enjoyed a great deal), weaves a magical tale about time travel. While the plot should be hokey and corny and saccharine, it's actually thought provoking, bittersweet and moving (as long as you suspend belief in the established rules of time travel). Naysayers will call me a hopeless romantic who is a giant sap to love a movie like this; I say stuff it. If loving this movie means I'm sentimental, call me a sentimental fool…a whimpering, simpering sentimental fool—as Cassidy and her stash of tissues can attest.

elizabeth: While I did not turn into a whimpering, simpering sentimental fool like someone I know, I was really looking forward to a movie that celebrates love, passion, humor, family and life and death. I longed for clever dialogue and secret glances that said more than a screenplay about men with pointed ears who live in caves. About Time is a movie that you all forgot to go see. Hello? Are you all still stuck in outer space with Bullock and Clooney? The universe gave us all a kiss on our lips with this little film and yet you all wanted bigger and louder and more violent films. Shame on you. 
The Film Fatales give ABOUT TIME
 (and it's wonderful soundtrack...)

Available on DVD February 25, 2014. Check your digital cable carrier for On Demand release dates.


elizabeth: I would have liked to have seen a tagline for this movie that would have read something like this: ”If you are afraid of heights, stay the hell home.”  Not that I avoid heights all the time, but 90 minutes of feeling queasy and green was not my idea of a fun time. Plus, green is definitively not my color. But we must do our jobs as movie reviewers and if that means feeling like an 8-year-old with a bad stomach virus, then so be it. And Gravity has two talented actors, who I feel can’t make bad movies, and the storyline really intrigued me. But not my head or stomach. Did I mention that?
Nicole: Well, that’s just it, isn’t it? That’s what this whole movie is about – the special effects. It’s not plot or dialog-heavy by any means. I’d dare say there’s probably only about 10 pages of dialog in the whole script. I have a feeling this movie was made solely because the filmmakers wanted to see if they could pull off what they did. Mission accomplished, pun intended. 

The Film Fatales give Gravity 
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