Monday, February 27

The Film Fatales' Best & Worst Dressed: Oscars 2012

elizabeth: Some years the Best and Worst Dressed list is my favorite things about the Oscars, but I think everyone played it a little too safe Sunday night. Did they leave their imaginations in their trailers or did their agents abscond with it? This is starting to be the norm, so finding my fave is a tad harder than finding my most boring. Let the claws come out.

Nicole: It wasn’t the best of the best red carpet last night – but there were some really great highlights and some “WTF was she thinking?” moments.

Melissa McCarthy. Bridesmaids.

elizabeth: Now, I thought Melissa McCarthy was quite funny in a movie that otherwise was offensive at times, but now I have something else to hate – this gown. The color and style make her look like she shops in Plus Sized Girls Are Not Allowed To Be Sexy and she deserves better. The sleeves should be ripped off. That would be a good start.

Nicole: I agree, the more I look at this schmattah, the more I realize just how friggin’ ugly it is. While the cut isn’t so terrible, she really needs to take a page from Octavia Spencer’s book. Now that is how a curvy woman should dress.

Glenn Close. Albert Nobbs.
elizabeth: An older actress in a tux dress? Who would have thought. Glenn is still sexy, so why be all covered up? I am surprised she didn’t wear an apron over it.
Nicole: Well, it’s not THE worst I’ve seen, but it’s a yawn-fest of a dress. Just so, so boring. Glenn should consult with Helen Mirren the next time she wants to rock the red carpet. Helen knows how to work it.
Angelina Jolie doing the Funky Chicken

elizabeth:  is she ice skating under that gown? What is this woman doing with her leg? It’s a slit; we would have found this out sooner or later. Angelina took a perfectly beautiful gown and made herself look completely goofy in it. So now I would say there is hope for all of us.

Nicole: OMG. I cannot agree with you more on the goofy thing going on here. This is definitely a WTF moment. I don’t think Angelina realizes how unattractive she’s become – and this stance is proving it. Doesn’t she see how totally skeletal she’s become? Couple that with the pale hue of her skin and I’m seriously thinking she’s Nosferatu.