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Live Blogging the 2012 Oscars Red Carpet

It’s finally here – Hollywood’s biggest night. In other words, our Superbowl. Join us as we live blog the 84th Annual Academy Awards Red Carpet. Remember, KEEP REFRESHING! ‘Cause we’ll be adding more content to the post during the entire Oscar pre-show. 

Berenice Bejo. The Artist.

Nicole: I’m a sucker for a sequined gown, and while this is very pretty – there’s something about the neckline/sleeve detail that’s just not doing it for me. I do like the vaguely greenish hue, but the hair and styling is allllll wrong.

elizabeth: I happen to like this gown because I don’t expect to see this on anyone else. The close-up detail is beautiful and the color is soothing. I think the hair should have been down and loose and she shouldn’t come to the Oscars looking like Carrot Top’s sister.

Shailene Wooley. The Descendants.

Nicole: I love this dress, mainly because of how reminiscent it is of the ‘30s and ‘40s. But, since she’s so young – it’s aging her. She probably should have gone with a younger silhouette.

elizabeth: For a 20-year-old this is just perfect. She is too young to be laden down in sequins or plunging necklines. I think she is channeling the 1960s and I miss that decade.

Melissa McCarthy. Bridesmaids.

Nicole: Ok, Cassidy – simmer down. We all know how you feel about THE BRIDESMAIDS. I’m not completely sold on this red carpet look for Melissa. It’s not the style of the dress, it’s the color. It washes her out a bit.

elizabeth: Now, I thought she was quite funny in a movie that otherwise was offensive, but now I have something else to hate – this gown. The color and style make her look like she shops in Plus Sized Girls Are Not Allowed to be Sexy and she deserves better. The sleeves should be ripped off. That would be a good start.

Jessica Chastain. The Help.

Nicole: The second I saw this, I said: McQueen. As much as I love Alexander McQueen, he’s hard to wear (unless you’re Charlize Theron – that broad can wear anything and look like a million bucks). This dress really overpowers Chastain’s tiny frame. And the color is also overwhelming against her complexion.

elizabeth:  It looks like she is channeling her inner goth and I love it. It was a delight to see her walk in the gown. I didn’t know Steve McQueen dabbled in fashion.

George Clooney. The Descendants.

Nicole: George "My Heart Just Skipped a Beat" Clooney looking fab, as always, in Armani. And his living statuette Stacey Kiebler in Marchesa. (Every time I type her name, I want a friggin' cookie. Dammit!)

Glenn Close. Albert Nobbs.

Nicole: Eh. I've seen this look a million times -- especially on her. *Yawn*

Michelle Williams. My Week with Marilyn. 

Nicole: She's wearing Louis Vuitton. He should stick to bags. Again, I've seen this look on her before. I'm tired of it. The reddish color, the bold red lip, and enough with that pixie cut already. Do something new already! Sheesh.

Octavia Spencer. The Help.

Nicole: Octavia went to her go-to designer, Tadashi Soji, and again we have a fab look. That label really knows how to dress and flatter her figure. Just gorgeous. Definitely on the Best Dressed list.

Rooney Mara. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Nicole: Finally, she's not wearing something harshly black. But this white Givenchy ain't no better. She just can't get it right. Yeah, I said it, billionairess or not. She needs to fire her stylist -- STAT!

 Viola Davis. The Help.

Nicole: I wish she'd picked any one of her other award show looks for the Oscars instead of this. While really daring in Vera Wang, I'm just not loving the color or styling on her.

Emma Stone. The Help.

Nicole: This might be my favorite look of the evening. Emma rarely does anything wrong on the red carpet, which is pretty amazing -- considering how young she is. Her style is so well defined. This red Giambattista Valli dress is reminiscent of one Nicole Kidman wore some years back, but Emma's workin' it.

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  1. ---Loved so many of the gowns!

    My all time fave was Stacey Kiebler.

    S T U N N I N G.

    ....and it helped she had Clooney on her arm.

    Great Post, Girls Xxx