Monday, February 27

The Film Fatales' Post-Oscar WrapUp

elizabeth: So now that all the Oscars have been given out and Advils have been popped all over Hollywood, let us take a look at how the Film Fatales did with their predictions. Considering that we have been authorities for only one month, I must say we did as well as some guy sitting in his baralounger with beer in hand. But we have better shoes and come with attitude.

Here is my Oscar high and low: Host Billy Crystal – he was marvelous and set the mood. I am dying to ask him if George Clooney is a good kisser (if you missed the beginning of the broadcast…). Jennifer Lopez’s nipple coming out at the Oscars to say, “You’re going to Hollywood.” I think the networks left out the world news today so they could concentrate on a nipple gone bad last night.

And I think it is safe to say that France will never invade the U.S. after The Artist won so many Oscars. I mean, they might try, but it won’t be really heartfelt.

Nicole: Well, like every Oscar broadcast that preceded it, it was excruciatingly long. I always have felt that since there are two Oscar ceremonies (the Technical ceremony falls just before the one that airs worldwide) they should throw a few more categories into that one and cut it all short by an hour.

I did like Billy – at some points. Not all the way through. The filmed portion at the beginning is always something to look forward to and didn’t disappoint this time around. But that song and dance routine – ugh, I could have done without it.

As for Angelina’s boney protrusion, ahem, leg and JLo’s potential nip-slip – we saw entirely too much skin last night.

Best Picture:The Artist”

elizabeth: Got it right. High five. I look forward to all movies being filmed in black and white. And car chases without sound will never catch on. Merci beaucoup France.

Nicole: I hedged, being very noncommittal. But I’m not at all surprised it won. 

Best Actor: Jean Dujardin, "The Artist"

elizabeth: I was a little surprised because I thought George was going to win. Surprised but not disappointed. The way I look at it is that both men said so much without saying a word and that just shows how talented they both are.
Nicole: Hedged again, and again not surprised. Halfway through the award season, it became less about George and all about Jean. (George, you had me at ugly Hawaiian shirt. We’ll always have Maui.)

Best Actres: Meryl Streep, "The Iron Lady"

elizabeth: I adore Meryl Streep and she can do no wrong (Okay, there is Mama Mia, but she did sleep with Colin Firth based on the storyline so I can forgive her for that movie). I really wanted Viola Davis to win because her Aibileen taught us about courage and getting out of your comfort zone in order to right some wrongs in our world. Call me an old flower child (no, don’t), but we need those reminders and Viola was just brilliant in her portrayal of a maid in this country in the 1960s.
Nicole:  Gotta love Colin Firth – one of my favorite moments from last night’s broadcast. Love, love, love a cheeky British man. (Don’t worry, Cassidy – I won’t fight you for him.) I have to say, I’m really glad Streep won. Having seen both performances, I gotta say Streep’s was so much more nuanced and demanding. As great as Viola was, Streep was better.

Best Supporting Actor:  Christopher Plummer, "Beginners"

elizabeth: We called it. This has got to stop.

Nicole: ‘cause we’re that good. 

Best Supporting Actress: Octavia Spencer, "The Help"
elizabeth: Two rights don’t make a wrong. But for us to agree on the winners for both supporting actors just seems so wrong. Why don’t you come over for some pie. I’m baking.
Nicole: I will not be having any pie at your house – ever. But kudos to Octavia. Well deserved!

Best Directing: Michel Hazanavicius, "The Artist"

elizabeth:  Oh, Marty, Marty, Marty. I really wanted you to win so I could show you that you can make movies without excessive killing and violence. Now it only means that you will go back to shooting up the screen with DeNiro and Pesci. Send them my love. I don’t want to start any family feuds right now. And kudos to Michel Hazanavicius for being so damn clever and making a B&W silent film. Now how do you say your last name?

Nicole: I was hoping for Marty, too. But last night was tres viva la France and you know what they say: Cest la vie!

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  1. Fun wrap-up, ladies. I cheated. I DVRd it, and after the first 45 minutes, started watching. It was perfect cause I got to fast-forward through all the thank-you speeches. Funny enough, I made sure I watched the Ellen commercials. Watched the commercials and fast-forwarded through the show. Backwards, right? Best part of the show? Billy Crystal.