Friday, January 3

January DVD & On Demand Releases a la The Film Fatales

The Film Fatales give you a quick rundown recent films we previously reviewed that are slated for January release on DVD and On Demand. Here's the scoop: 

Available Jan. 21 on Blu-Ray and DVD


Nicole: If either of us knew Jasmine in real life, we’d dislike her intensely for her vapid nature, her snobby behavior, and her superficial, label-centric mindset. But, scratch under that surface and there’s a terribly fragile person who is perhaps somewhat judged unfairly and deserving of our sympathies. I think, but don’t presume, that through Jasmine Allen is trying to get us to dig a little deeper before we pre-judge someone for their outward appearances. Not everything is black and white – life has a lot of grey.

elizabeth:  I think Woody does wants us to look beyond the surface and see that people who we assume have everything are really the ones who have the least. And being one of those who have the least, I would like to be in a Woody Allen movie. I can do superficial quite well. Call me.

The Film Fatales give BLUE JASMINE

Available Jan. 7 on Blu-Ray and DVD

Nicole: Ever get the feeling your government has a dark and sullied underbelly? Operating under covert measures to catch those Most Wanted criminals despite unintended (or not) collateral damage? And, they’ll stop at nothing to keep their secrets well hidden? That’s the modus operandi at work in Closed Circuit: A taut, cerebral crime drama that will appeal to all diehard fans of PBS’s Masterpiece Theater and Mystery. I almost wish this wasn’t a major motion picture, but instead a BBC series. It has the makings of a really great serial drama.

elizabeth: Do I ever think that governments around the world have dark and sullied underbellies? Shirley, you jest. One thing that I found frightening, besides Close Circuit's storyline, is that while we were sitting in the dark some dastardly deals were being made all over the world by people I would not invite to dinner. The other thing is that I must go visit Mars during movies like this because I got a tad confused at times. I know, who would have thought? I think what they do is introduce all these characters and before you can put a name to a face they start offing part of the cast and you don’t know who is doing what to whom. They never do this sort of thing on Mars. 

The Film Fatales give CLOSED CIRCUIT

Available Jan. 14 on Blu-Ray and DVD 


elizabeth: Forest Whitaker shed his skin and became Cecil Gaines, one of the butlers who toiled in the White House starting with the Eisenhower administration. Whitaker‘s Cecile was just so moving albeit heartbreaking at times and I think his performance helped almost every actor bring their characters to life. There was such an intimacy among these actors--like this story hit too close to home. They wanted to get this story out because this country’s memory is quite limited and I applaud director Lee Daniels for bringing this story to the screen. We need to be reminded all the time about the horrific things we were capable of doing.

Nicole: …we are in dire need of constant reminding, that’s for certain. And, yet, it seems we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. We have made progress as a country. But recent injustices, like that brought upon Trayvon Martin, should spark in us the desire to right wrongs, not repeat them. This movie should be required viewing. And, I couldn’t agree with you more on Forest Whitaker’s performance. If he doesn’t win the Oscar for this, he will have been robbed.

The Film Fatales give LEE DANIELS’ THE BUTLER

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