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The Film Fatales' Oscar Picks: 2015

The Film Fatales nod off at the 2015 Oscars...

It's...yawn...Oscar time...yawn. Welcome to the most boring and tedious yet of award seasons. With a decidedly lackluster cast of nominees, this is bound to be the longest ceremony in history. The sheer lack of diversity is probably what pisses us off the most, but we won't turn this into a grandstand (or maybe we will). In any case, here are our picks for the 2015 Academy Awards. With very few exceptions to mention, let's hope 2016 offers us much better options.

Best Actor

    Steve Carell, "Foxcatcher"
    Bradley Cooper, "American Sniper"
    Benedict Cumberbatch, "The Imitation Game"
    Michael Keaton, "Birdman"
    Eddie Redmayne, "The Theory of Everything"

  • Who should win? David Oyelowo -- Oh, I'm sorry...he wasn't nominated by a clearly color-blind Academy. Yea, I said it... and I'd say it again. Of the available choices, Benedict Cumberbatch or Eddie Redmayne should, but won't, win.
  • Who will win? Michael Keaton.

  • Who should win? There is only one choice if you ask me and you just did. It’s Eddie Redmayne’s performance from The Theory of Everything. His performance is right up there with Daniel Day Lewis’ role in the 1989 film My Left Foot. Actors (and actresses for that matter) who can convey so much with a simple eye movement or a small smile rule in my book. I am just glad that I was around to see both performances.
  • Who will win? You really want to ask me again?

Best Actress

    Marion Cotillard, "Two Days, One Night"
    Felicity Jones, "The Theory of Everything"
    Julianne Moore, "Still Alice"
    Rosamund Pike, "Gone Girl"
    Reese Witherspoon, "Wild"

  • Who will win and who should win? Julianne Moore. Enough with Reese already. Yawn.

You are right this is boring. Not with the performances, but who should be winning...
  • Who will win? That would be Julianne Moore. I plan on not seeing that movie even though the book was so compelling. And what has Reese Witherspoon ever done to you?

Best Supporting Actor

    Robert Duvall, "The Judge"
    Ethan Hawke, "Boyhood"
    Edward Norton, "Birdman"
    Mark Ruffalo, "Foxcatcher"
    J.K. Simmons, "Whiplash"


God, this is possibly the most boring Oscars ever.
⦁    Who should win? Ed Norton or Mark Ruffalo.
⦁    Who will win? It's between Simmons and Hawke.

  • Who should win? Who cares? Okay, I can’t give it to Mark Ruffalo because I like him in hot roles like Begin Again, which was just a great movie. 
  • Who will win? J.K. Simmons to take the Oscar because I find him very believable in his Farmers’ Insurance commercials.

Best Supporting Actress

    Patricia Arquette, "Boyhood"
    Laura Dern, "Wild"
    Keira Knightley, "The Imitation Game"
    Emma Stone, "Birdman"
    Meryl Streep, "Into the Woods"

  • Who should win? No one. This is a crapshoot. Look, I love Meryl, but she doesn't deserve it for Into the Woods. And, frankly, I don't care if Arquette was terrific in Boyhood -- she's one-dimensional and her performances are generally as exciting as watching paint dry. Dern -- meh. Knightley should have been nominated for Begin Again instead, but the Academy doesn't nominate feel-good films. And, Emma... well. Not for this, but soon and often.
  • Who will win? Arquette.


And the Oscar for being so crabby goes 
  • Who will and should win? I agree about Keira Knightley in Begin Again, so I would vote for her since she covered two roles in 2014 that were quite different and she gave terrific performances in both.


    Alejandro González Iñárritu, "Birdman"
    Richard Linklater, "Boyhood"
    Bennett Miller, "Foxcatcher"
    Wes Anderson, "The Grand Budapest Hotel"
    Morten Tyldum, "The Imitation Game"

  • Who should win? Wes Anderson. Because he's quirky and shit.
  • Who will win? Inarritu...because he out-quirkied the King of Quirky, Wes Anderson. Oh, and the Academy loves daring and experimental shit, like 15-minute long takes.


Just give it to all of them. Why not make everyone happy?

Best Picture

    "American Sniper"
    "The Grand Budapest Hotel"
    "The Imitation Game"
    "The Theory of Everything"

  • What should win? SELMA!!! Dammit. Selma should win. Good God, is this thing on? 
  • What will win? It's gonna be Birdman, isn't it? I may not even watch this Oscar ceremony. Honestly.

  • What should win? The Theory of Everything. Selma was fabulous, but playing with history does not sit well with me. It could have been as compelling with showing that LBJ was on board with the Voting Rights Act. Young people should know that.

The 87th Academy Awards will be held on 
Sunday, February 22, 2015 at 7pm ET / 4pm PT on ABC. 

Play along at home with this printable ballot
or sound off in the comments section with your own picks. 


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