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Closed Circuit

The Film Fatales weave through the streets of London on the heels of suspense: Closed Circuit. The review.

2013. Rated R. 96 minutes. Starring Eric Bana, Rebecca Hall, Jim Broadbent, Ciran Hinds. Directed by John Crowley.

A high-profile terrorism case unexpectedly binds together two ex-lovers on the defense team - testing the limits of their loyalties and placing their lives in jeopardy. [imdb]

Nicole: Ever get the feeling your government has a dark and sullied underbelly? Operating under covert measures to catch those Most Wanted criminals despite unintended (or not) collateral damage? And, they’ll stop at nothing to keep their secrets well hidden? That’s the modus operandi at work in Closed Circuit: A taut, cerebral crime drama that will appeal to all diehard fans of PBS’s Masterpiece Theater and Mystery. I almost wish this wasn’t a major motion picture, but instead a BBC series. It has the makings of a really great serial drama.

elizabeth: Do I ever think that governments around the world have dark and sullied underbellies? Shirley, you jest. One thing that I found frightening, besides Close Circuit's storyline, is that while we were sitting in the dark some dastardly deals were being made all over the world by people I would not invite to dinner. The other thing is that I must go visit Mars during movies like this because I got a tad confused at times. I know, who would have thought? I think what they do is introduce all these characters and before you can put a name to a face they start offing part of the cast and you don’t know who is doing what to whom. They never do this sort of thing on Mars.

Nicole: Stop calling me Shirley. And, I'll take it from you on the interstellar space travel thing. If anyone's been tripping the light fantastic, it's you. So, let me 'splain some of the details that may have gotten lost while you were in zero gravity. Eric Bana plays Martin Rose, an arrogant barrister who’s been assigned to replace a friend and fellow barrister (who committed suicide – or so it would seem). The case: to defend the UK’s most-hated man, a terrorist responsible for a deadly bombing at Bourough Market. The defendant’s assigned advocate, Claudia Simmons-Howe (played by Rebecca Hall), is reluctantly paired with Rose – with whom she has a shady past. Together, they learn the lengths the government will go to make sure the outcome of this trial turns in their favor. The underhandedness comes through best via the bone-chillingly nonchalant performance by Jim Broadbent (Attorney General). *Shivers* Without revealing too much, Closed Circuit will teach you not to trust anyone. And, in our quickly-becoming Big Brother society, realize that your every move is being tracked. It’s enough to make conspiracy theorists sound rational. Maybe we should listen to the guy in the tinfoil hat—he might know a thing or two after all.

elizabeth: Did you say something? I was cleaning out the mothership’s glove compartment. Jim Broadbent was quite chilling and I enjoyed when he showed up to mess with everyone’s minds and futures. Erica Bana’s Rose and Rebecca Hall’s Simmons-Howe had a slow shimmer on the screen, but I think the tension between the two of them could have been hotter. The movie sometimes felt a little stalled but I was very grateful to be watching a movie that did not insult my intelligence.  I want more moves like this. Challenge our brains. We don’t need to kill off anymore brain cells.  Thankfully Closed Circuit is no Honey Boo Boo.

Nicole: Agreed. The plot is very winding and detailed—and the nuances of the British legal system may confuse Americans – but my advice is to stay with it. It’s well worth the watch and comes to a satisfying, thought-provoking conclusion. And, hey, Eric Bana’s easy on the eyes. Yes, I’m that shallow. Deal with it.

elizabeth:  Shallow, eh? I don’t think I can get you membership on Mars.

The Film Fatales give CLOSED CIRCUIT

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