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Life of Pi: Now On Demand & On DVD

 The Film Fatales take a voyage with Pi & Richard Parker.

The Life of Pi. NOW ON DEMAND & ON DVD. 2012. Rated PG. 127 minutes. Starring Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan, Adil Hussain. Directed by Ang Lee. 

A young man who survives a disaster at sea is hurtled into an epic journey of adventure and discovery. While cast away, he forms an unexpected connection with another survivor: a fearsome Bengal tiger. [imdb]

Nicole: Ooof, let me tell you Cassidy – I am glad we waited to see this On Demand. I don’t relish the thoughts of the house lights coming up in the theater after the movie ends and everyone making their way out,  only to see me reduced to a sobbing mess. I cried for 20 minutes (COUNT THEM) t.w.e.n.t.y. minutes after Life of Pi ended. And, not because the ending was Beaches-caliber sad. I chalk it up to being in a state of complete, gripping tension for 2-plus hours and then crying out of utter relief that the ordeal was over. 

elizabeth: I hate to agree but I was glad that I watched this movie while reclining on my bed with one of my cats sleeping on my hip. I have been banned from ever watching any nature documentaries because I just can’t stomach animals making lunch out of fellow animals. I know about the food chain, but I don’t need to see it. If I did, I would be reduced to eating whatever accumulated on the bottom of my shoes. But we are taking about Life of Pi and not my strange addictions. 

Nicole: Now I know why you’re always eyeing my shoes. 

elizabeth: I thought that it was a beautiful film about surviving against what would seem to be insurmountable odds and Pi certainly had his share of them in his young life. I did do my share of crying because I can’t stand to see animals hurt – live or animated. I could give you a list of some people I would like to see hurt, but not one animal comes to mind. Hell, I save crickets from the jaws of Henry, one of my cats. And when Henry is successful, I tell the remains that they will like cricket heaven. The doctor will see me now? 

Nicole: Ah, Henry. At least he’s a vegetarian. But before you go and think I hated the movie, let me say that I didn’t. While parts of it were extremely difficult for this animal rights advocate to watch, other parts were literally marvelous. I usually steer away from any movie that centers around animals, because, well – you know: Something bad almost always happens. 

elizabeth:  I really like this soft side of you. I know it won’t last for long, so let me just take a moment.

Nicole: Literally rolling my eyes at you. 

elizabeth: I think Life of Pi can be a leaning moment for people who have seen or will see this movie. We can go on. We must go on. We can’t let the cruelty of mankind or Mother Nature kill our spirit. You got to get up and go on -- even if you are a Bengal tiger. And because there was much to gain from viewing this movie, I am glad that Ang Lee won for best director. And if Spielberg calls to do our life stories, I will tell him that I was surrounded by thousand of meerkats at the time I made this statement.

Nicole: You seriously have to stop taking antihistamines. So, do I recommend this movie? Yes, if only for its stunning visual effects and testament to the strength of human (and animal) will. But I do suggest having a box of tissues and/or some sort of mood stabilizer at hand. 

The Film Fatales give Life of Pi

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  1. I finally read this book after swearing I wouldn't because I thought it might involve cruelty to animals (why I don't watch nature films, like you Elizabeth). Ended up reading it in desperation one night because there was nothing else around (and no Kindle at the time). Yow!! Profound. I'm looking forward to the movie. Thanks for the review.