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Red Carpet Wrap-Up: Oscars 2013

The Film Fatales' 
Red Carpet Rundown: Oscars 2013

elizabeth: On the whole, I was bored by the gowns. No one went for a little edgier look. Can someone invite Cher next year? Maybe she can wear Bjork swan dress. It’s in my closet. I can UPS it to her.
Nicole: So, that’s where it is. Has it laid any more eggs? I’ll wait while you go check. In the mean time, let’s get this show on the road…

Best Dressed

Elizabeth’s Picks

Jennifer Hudson: The hair… the gown was kicking…along with her voice. (Hate her.)
Jennifer Garner: Because she looks like she is in complete love with her husband (Hate her, too.)
Jennifer Lawrence: This is what cool and young is all about. She doesn’t feel entitled and can make fun of herself after tripping up the stairs to accept her Oscar. It was refreshing to watch. I would like her to win an Oscar every year. You go, girl.
Robin Roberts of GMA: She is showing all of us that instead of complaining or feeling sorry for ourselves, we can go out and look freaking great in blue velvet…and kick whatever ails us to the curb. You go, too, girl.

Nicole’s Picks:

Olivia Munn: This draw-dropping Marchesa dress was positively stunning. Its construction and detail is so Alexander McQueen, it might as well be an homage. She styled it brilliantly, too. Hands down the best, the most daring look of the evening.
Amy Adams:
Although this dress was similar to what Penelope Cruz wore a few seasons back, it’s still gorgeous. The cascading ruffles on the skirt and the simple bodice. Sure, her hair was a little unkempt, and she might have done with more jewels. (I’ll never get why some actresses go sans jewels. Ladies, they’re lending them to you: go nuts! Don’t skimp! Shit, I’d prance down that carpet in an effing tiara.)
Jenifer Garner:
Loved the color. Loves the ruffles. Business in the front and a kick-ass party in the back. Lovely!

Worst Dressed

Elizabeth’s Picks:

The Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter Traveling Show: Now I have to sleep with all the lights on, but I can forgive a creative genius his inability to give a shit.
Melissa McCarthy: I really do love her comedic genius, but this gown was ill-fitting and did not flatter her curves at all. I have seen her look chic and sexy before (Not in Identify Thief though.)
Kristen Stewart: I hate when anyone makes me feel like my mother, but all I wanted to say to this child was: “Could you put a comb through it?”
Anne Hathaway: Loved the Tiffany necklace (my birthday is in May), but the bulleted nipple look does not look good on anyone. Not even our dear and talented Anne. Especially not on her.

Nicole’s Picks:

Anne Hathaway: I couldn’t agree more about Anne, on so many levels. First, when a neckline is that high you do not wear a necklace. That dress calls for earrings, rings and cuffs. Not a necklace. Second, the color was crap, the cut was crap – in fact, everything about this dress was crap. The side-boob? Anne, really? Was the whole non-panty-wearing incident not enough? Not to mention the tacky back view of this dress. The crisscross top, the tie at the waistline, the high slit in the skirt. Oh, this dress was busier than the DMV at noon on the first of the month.
Nicole Kidman:
Nicole, Vegas called – they’re ready to book you for a lounge act. Oh, and let up on the Botox.
Halle Berry: I give her credit for changing up her look from the see-through, cut-out disasters she usually wears. But it’s time for a complete overhaul. Fire your stylist and start from scratch.
Selma Hayek:
From the smoky eye to the mussed up-do to the terrible neckline, this was a mess. 

Now it’s your turn!
Tell is your picks for 
Best and Worst Dressed 
from the 2013 Academy Awards.
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  1. Great Picks.
    Some of my fave, too.

    My best pick was Jessica Chastain. What a doll.

    And Halle Barry was exquisite.

    Xxx Love